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CNC Turning and Milling
  • CNC Turning and Milling
CNC Turning and Milling
【Brief】:CNC Turning and Milling
【The main process】:CNC Turning and Milling
【Series】:CNC Milling


Main Material aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon steel, cold rolled steel, titantium, Delrin, nylon and PTFE, etc
Main Equipment Mazak,Fanuc,Brother, TSUGAMI, Citizen, DOOSAN, Takisawa etc 50 sets CNC Lathe and CNC Centers
Main Process CNC turning, CNC milling, complex CNC turning & milling, 5-Axis machining, Gear machining, Gear grinding and other processing technologies
Main Industry Robotics, Prototype, Medical device, fluid control, Auto motion products, Electronics Industry
The best tolerance 0.003mm
Largest diameter turning Φ225mm
Largest size milling 480*480*800mm
Test Equipment CMM, Microscrope, Concentricity tester, Diatest 2-points measurement, Projector, etc
Pre:CNC Milling and EDM
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